Hi, I'm Jon.

I'm a full stack developer.

I love using technology to help solve problems and make life interesting.


I am a full stack developer with around 18 months experience working in a fast paced web development environment in Manchester. I'm currently based in a beautiful town in West Yorkshire, situated between Manchester and Leeds. Around two years ago I decided to follow my passion for all things tech and change careers. After completing the Northcoders coding bootcamp in November 2021 I made the transition to my first role in the tech industry as a web developer and absolutely love it!

Before changing career, I worked in the education sector as a teacher and educational project manager in Asia, the Middle East and the UK, where I had the privilege to work on the design and delivery of large scale training projects and set up face to face and online communities of practice for thousands of teachers.

I’m passionate about using technology to develop creative solutions on projects that help make a difference to people’s lives. I am keen to continue on with my journey in tech and developing my knowledge and experience in all things related to software and web development.


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An open marketplace web application that allows users to sign up, browse, and buy and sell items with the proceeds going to charity. Developed over two weeks in a team of four as part of the Northcoders bootcamp graduation project.

Technologies used:

Built with Express on the back-end and React on the front-end. The web app utilises AWS for file-storage and Firebase for authentication.


NC News: Front-end

A Reddit style social media news aggregator. Users can read articles, sort them by topic and date and vote articles up or down. Users can also view comments from other users as well as add and delete their own comments.

Technologies used:

Built with React, @reach/router and Axios.


NC News: Back-end

A back-end API for a user-generated news style website. Built using RESTful API principles, the API accepts requests to get articles by topic, article id, and by a specific user. Articles can be sorted by popularity and most commented. The API also accepts requests to post, patch and delete comments.

Technologies used:

Built with Node JS, Express, PostgreSQL and Knex. Testing done with Jest. Hosted on Heroku.


MCR Crime Stats

A responsive web application that allows users to select a month and year and see pins on a map showing locations of crimes reported in Manchester city centre. Data is requested from the UK Police API and pins are plotted on a map according to longitude and latitude. Users can click on a pin to see a chart which breaks down the number of different crimes reported in the selected month.

Technologies used:

Built with React, Google Maps React and React-Vis. Hosted on Netlify.


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